Trust Intelligence

Service offered 

  • Reports on the evolution in the Trust Services sector (mainly what happens in ETSI and CEN / CENELEC, new standards, what direction that standardisation is going to)
  • When a new standard version is published: 
  • A summary of the changes that are applied in the new version. This will allow to quickly assess if the changes affect your existing solution or not.
  • List of the clause numbers where changes were applied. This way you do not have to go through the whole standard, but you can just look at the changed clauses.
  • Ad Hoc newsworthy information 
  • Targeted to eIDAS legislation and related standards 

Topics covered

  • Signing certificates 
  • Natural person authentication certificates 
  • Validation service 
  • Timestamping service 
  • Identity proofing uDelivery services 
  • Attestations of attributes 
  • EU Identity wallets 
  • Signature Creation Application 
  • Server Signing Application  

  • Operating a RQSCD
  • Electronic Identification Means
  • EIDAS v2 evolution
  • Evolution of post quantum cryptography
  • PAdES signature formats
  • XAdES signature formats
  • CAdES signature formats
  • ASiC signature objects