EIDAS 2.0 Webinar – A Breakthrough in European Identity and Digital Services Availability



On February 29, 2024, the European Parliament adopted an amendment to the eIDAS Regulation, also known as "eIDAS 2". Your guides in the world of trusted services – a network of partner companies from Germany ("Nimbus"), Poland ("Obserwatorium.biz"), and Belgium ("Trust Agency") – invite you to a webinar where you will learn about the main implications of eIDAS 2 for you and your business.

What can you learn from the webinar?

  • What are the new trust services, such as electronic attestation of attributes, that will be introduced?
  • What will these mean for online business?
  • What will be the new requirements for Trust Service Providers?
  • How will the European Digital Identity Wallet work and when will it be available?
  • What are the main dates for eIDAS 2 implementation?
  • How will the new network of EDIW acceptance be built and what role will banks, utility and digital service providers play in it?
  • How will eIDAS 2 help you to set a new stride in the automation of interactions with customers, partners, suppliers, users, etc.?
  • Apart from Trust Service Providers, who will be impacted by eIDAS 2?

Who can benefit from the webinar?

  • Representatives of Trust Service Providers and Identity Providers;
  • Representatives from IT companies focused on trust services and eID solutions infrastructure;
  • Experts from government agencies regarding digitalization and electronic communication;
  • Lawyers;
  • Representatives of large corporations offering services in digital and on-site channels – banks, telcos, utility providers;
  • Representatives of organizations that rely upon or deliver credentials or certifications;
  • Representatives from any company for whom certainty about the identity and characteristics are important of the people they interact with online.

Webinar date

  • April 18 (Thursday) 2024, 13:00 – 15:30 CET

How to register?

Who will lead the webinar?

The detailed agenda:

  • Invitation and introduction
  • eIDAS 2.0 – main assumptions and implementation plan
  • New trust services, QES free for personal use and other new requirements for qualified but also non-qualified trust service providers
  • European Digital Identity Wallet and Electronic Attestations of Attributes – the scope, the examples, the implementation perspective 
  • New acceptance of EDIW network and trust services – how it should look like, who should build it?
  • Q&A session and summary